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I have been helping couples for over 20 years and I feel moved to encourage people to wake up to the realities of their relationships before too much damage is done. Relationships are complex and require work to make them deep, loving, and lasting. There are many thing...

Where: Blue Lotus Temple

              221 Dean St, Woodstock, IL 60098

When: May 12th 3-4:30

Fee: $20

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It has been proven that what happens in the mind and body are connected, yet many only treat one...

Looking for a licensed or Masters level counselor to build a private practice in the evening and weekend hours to start. The position can expand to a full time practice with daytime hours available as well. The job will involve teaching and training via workshops, mark...

We all carry pain from our life. Learning to acknowledge the feelings from this pain can be a challenge. We often seek out ways to avoid the pain through our behaviors and life choices, not realizing we carry them with us wherever we go. This pattern shapes our life an...

This class will teach you the foundations of how to deal with stress and anxiety through a holistic psychological approach that combines mindfulness and visualization. This is not a class on relaxation alone, but will go deeper into understanding what the root causes a...

When: 1-20-2018  3:30-5pm

Where: Blue Lotus Temple

              221 Dean St, Woodstock

Fee: $10

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Would you like your new year resolutions to stick this year? Would you like to learn how to find out wh...

September 11, 2017

When: Monday September 18 th at 4-7 pm
Where: 1222 Gerry Street, Woodstock
Why: Come experience a home transformed by Ignite Your Life Feng Shui

Claudia Rastin will share some Feng Shui secrets of this ancient Chinese practice that improves the energy and harmony of a...

Saturday, September 9th

4-5:30 pm

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Love... most people spend most of their energy trying to understand and attain it, whether that is a conscious quest or not. Many are surrounded by people and still feel like they are looking for it. We have many concepts ab...

February 14, 2017

Come join us for an 8 week class that will give you a thorough tool belt to understand yourself better, ways to navigate difficult feelings, and positive steps to create a happier life. This class will be didactic and experiential so that you will have a chance to prac...

Come and learn about yourself with Feng Shui and how to create the life you want. We will cover basics in understanding the energy in your home and how it is a direct reflection of how you approach life and make decisions. This introduction to Feng Shui will introduce...

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Art, Emotions, and Meditation

April 17, 2019

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