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We all carry pain from our life. Learning to acknowledge the feelings from this pain can be a challenge. We often seek out ways to avoid the pain through our behaviors and life choices, not realizing we carry them with us wherever we go. This pattern shapes our life an...

1. When you are mad, don't speak, take some space and hold yourself accountable for reacting. It is fine to feel, but anger is a reaction to a fear or hurt, go below the anger and be honest about what is really happening.

2. Don't demand that anyone takes care of you in...

This class will teach you the foundations of how to deal with stress and anxiety through a holistic psychological approach that combines mindfulness and visualization. This is not a class on relaxation alone, but will go deeper into understanding what the root causes a...

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Art, Emotions, and Meditation

April 17, 2019

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July 18, 2019

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