Celeste Ballard

Celeste Ballard, MA, LCPC, CMT


With 20 years of experience, Celeste practices as a body-centered psychotherapist and works with the philosophy that events effect our whole being - physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. Because of this philosophy, she works to help one understand how their history impacts them on a variety of levels. Celeste combines traditional counseling psychology with Mindfulness Based psychotherapy for a more complete approach to change.....

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​Christina Francisco


Christina Francisco, MA, LCPC, QMHP, BSFT, NCC

Christina works with all ages of clients ranging from 10 years old to geriatric who are having difficulties adjusting to lifestyle transitions, those experiencing anxiety or stress, and those who might be feeling depressed. She has worked with individuals who have a traumatic background and are looking to process through it in order to release the impact from their mind and body and to become their best self.....

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Emma Petersen


Emma Petersen, MA

Emma Petersen is a psychotherapist specializing in depression, bereavement, and grief. Her passion is helping others during the most distressing and vulnerable moments in life.


Emma helps others see hope and potential instead of despair and closed doors, and has an uncanny way of shedding light on the most challenging situations. 


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Stephen Porter​


Stephen Porter, MA

​Stephen Porter takes a solutions-focused approach to helping people both discover who they are, and become who they want to be. With a background in film and theater, a successful 8-year career in corporate recruiting, and a 10-year daily meditation practice, Stephen helps clients with questions of meaning and purpose, and assists in implementing good habits of body, mind, and soul.

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