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We are not currently licensed in the state of Tennessee to do mental health counseling, but the office is now open in for Life Coaching sessions online or in person. Please keep checking for updates of when we will be able to being mental health counseling. 


Why Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is a process of getting to know yourself. Discover your core beliefs and find out what’s keeping you from becoming the person you want to be. You can create positive change in your life with someone who has helped thousands of people accomplish their goals.


Why are we different?


Our staff is required to do their own personal work with a professional--not just for a year or two, but continuously. What that means for you is that the person across from you is not just handing you things out of a theory in their head or in a book. Instead, they have actually tried it, worked on it, and often come out the other side of it. 


Some things we can work on:


Career planning

Effective parenting

Life transitions

Relationship training

Meditation training

Stress reduction

Education planning

Finding or deepening a spiritual direction

Increasing self-efficacy

Learning to focus and to still your mind

Exploring your purpose

Learning to create boundaries

Finding a work/family life balance


 How is this different from therapy?


Though some of the same topics are addressed in both realms, a therapist is a licensed professional with extensive training to take things to a deeper level. In therapy, you would explore your history and feelings in a deeper context than can be done in coaching, and the healing process is more comprehensive. Coaching focuses more on shifting concrete life patterns, ways of relating, and thinking in a more systematic, goal-oriented way. 


Though we are licensed as professional counselors in Illinois, we are not currently licensed to do psychotherapy in the state of Tennessee. If you sign up on our website, we will let you know as soon as we are! In the meantime, try us for life coaching!


Would you like to get more information or have a free brief consultation? 




Knoxville, Tennessee | Within Holistic Counseling


Knoxville, Tennessee is home to many thriving organisations and landmarks. One of those organisations is Within Holistic Therapy, specialists in Counseling and Therapy.



Knoxville, Tennessee | Counseling and Therapy | About the city


Knoxville, Tennessee is in the list of the top three largest cities in Tennessee (along with Nashville and Memphis). It has a population of over 187,000 and was the original capital of Tennessee. Knoxville homes the University of Tennessee, The Tennessee Valley Authority and also several HQs for large (national and regional) organizations.


In the early 1980s, Knoxville was the smallest city to host the World’s fair and within this fair, the first ever touch-screen was displayed. It’s also the city where ‘Mountain Dew’ was born and Elvis’ career took its first steps to stardom. 


Also nestled within this vibrant city, are the specialist counseling practices of Within Holistic Counseling. Being known for providing the next level of counseling, the team at Within Holistic Counseling offer a range of supportive services from couples counseling, to marriage counseling, to support with depression and other mental health problems. And all within a gentle, calm environment where you feel safe.




Knoxville, Tennessee | What is marriage/couples counseling? 


Couples counseling is where people in relationships who may require some support working through problems, sit down with a trained professional to follow guidance in moving their relationship forward healthily.


It’s normal for couples to stumble into roadblocks/challenges. Whether they’ve been together for a long time, have experienced things which may make it difficult to communicate, or can’t see any obvious reason why there may be issues, that’s where couples’ counseling comes in. 


Couples counseling helps you make time to sit down and talk about your relationship with an unbiased, highly trained professional who can help you through the process and your relationship troubles. It’s normal for couples to get stuck in communication habits that may negatively affect the other person and stop the relationship from growing. Couples counseling provides couples with support from a counselor who uses various practices to help both parties think and communicate differently, and hopefully steer the relationship in a much more positive direction. 


Such practices include learning relational patterns and belief systems, communicating productively, learning how to support your partner, learning the power of self-care, learning how to have fun as a couple and learning how to create healthy intimacy



Knoxville, Tennessee | What does couples/marriage counseling look like?


If you’ve ever had counseling/therapy sessions before, marriage counseling sessions are very similar, but just involve two of you! If you’ve never been to any kind of therapy before, there’s no need to worry. A typical session is calm, in a soothing environment and tailored completely to you.


When you first start marriage counseling, we’ll use the first session to chat about what may be wrong and allow each person to speak about the difficulties they’re experiencing within the relationship. It’s a safe space and we use the findings of the discussion to set therapy goals that are personalized to you and your partner’s needs.


We’ll chat you through some guidelines to make sure the marriage counseling space is different to the space you may be experiencing at home. A space where we can develop new communication habits through the therapy and work to cement them into your day-to-day life. We’ll teach you different techniques and work with you to help you to put them into actionable implementation easily.


After the initial session, we’ll continue to work towards the goals you set. We’ll learn about techniques to help you become more mindful and communicate with each other in a more positive and therefore beneficial manner. If you have trouble with being defensive, the techniques we use will help you reduce that - encouraging you to ‘pause’, take some space and reflect before responding to your partner.



Knoxville, Tennessee | Where can I get family therapy?


When going through marriage counseling or couples counseling, Within Holistic Counseling’s therapists will also teach and encourage you to reflect on the way you used to communicate in previous relationships and how this could be affecting your existing one. If you have a larger family which this may also be affecting, for example, children, we’ll also bring these into the discussion and help you put techniques into place which facilitate change and a calmer, less hostile household.


If you’d like to focus more specifically on family therapy, we also offer more family-focused counseling to dig deeper into any problems that may be impacting the whole household.


It’s surprising how relationship issues between two or three people can expand to indirectly affect others within the same house, or even others who have relationships with the people having the primary issues. Our therapists are highly trained and can help you work towards improving existing issues within your family in a calm and safe environment.



Knoxville, Tennessee | Depression, mindfulness & art therapy


Our individual psychotherapy sessions can be tailored to help you deal with whatever it is you’re going through. Whether it be anxiety, depression or other mental health issues, our compassionate therapists will work through your feelings with you. 


A big part of this is practicing mindfulness. We work mindfulness into sessions to help you practice calmness, take yourself away from situations which may be triggering your mental health and take time to reflect. We will work with you to teach you about mindfulness and help you develop techniques to become more mindful.


We also use art therapy in psychotherapy sessions. Art therapy can help you use your creativity to connect your mind and body to others and the world around you to help overcome your problems.



Knoxville, Tennessee | Children therapy, parenting & counseling


If you have a child who you believe is struggling with their mental health/behaviour, or perhaps you’re struggling as a parent, here at Within Holistic Counseling, we can help. We have wonderful therapists and counselors with years of experience providing children therapy, parenting counseling and so on.


If you’re stuck for where to turn and need some experienced help, please get in touch. We personalize every child/parent’s therapy specifically to them. We commonly help with anxiety, depression, relationship issues and so on. And we help with techniques such as art therapy, mindfulness, creativity and other evidence-based practices.



Knoxville, Tennessee | Trauma counseling, grief counseling & psychotherapy


Here at Within Holistic Counseling, we also provide specialist psychotherapy for people needing trauma counseling and grief counseling. Whilst we know that many people deal with mental health problems with no apparent trigger, we also understand that many people have a clear trigger which may be the death of a loved one or experiencing something traumatic.


All of our counsellors are highly skilled and trained. At our Knoxville location, you’ll meet Celeste Ballard and Stephen Porter. Both of these professionals have dedicated their careers to helping those going through the worst times of their lives. They work to help shed light, see hope and potential using evidence-based practices. 



Knoxville, Tennessee | Anxiety, meditation & talk therapy 


Anxiety is a sometimes debilitating mental health problem experienced by over 15.7 million people in the US. Sometimes anxiety has very clear triggers. Other times, an individual may become anxious for what appears to be no reason. At Within Holistic Counseling, we work with individuals to help them deal with anxiety and identify any triggers which may cause their anxiety to flare up.


We use techniques such as traditional talk therapy accompanied with other techniques such as meditation which can aid mindfulness and restore calm. The combination of different techniques when working through anxiety can help you dig deeper into what’s making you feel the way you do, and how to overcome it.



Knoxville, Tennessee | Career counseling & therapy


Many people use therapy to address their feelings surrounding their careers. If you’re struggling in your job or are at a loss as to where your career is heading or where you’re going to end up, you can access career counseling. 


Career counseling can help by providing you with therapy which helps you work through your feelings, understand why you’re feeling them, and provide you with a plan of action to move forward. At Within Holistic Counseling, we provide career counseling in a safe space where you can speak about your feelings in strict confidence. We’ll help you heal so you can live the life you want.



If you’re based in Knoxville, Tennessee and need support dealing with any of the above, or perhaps are staying in the area for a little while, please get in touch today. We can help and provide professional support such as couples counseling, marriage counseling, psychotherapy for depression and anxiety, family therapy, children therapy, grief counseling, talk therapy, trauma counseling and more.

Knoxville, Tennessee | Counseling Knoxville


20% of Tennesseans experience problems with their mental health. If you are struggling, you are not alone.


In relation to adolescents in Tennessee, the statistics are on par with the country’s average. Some areas (such as males and females who have attempted suicide) are slightly higher than the national statistics (see table below). If you need support for yourself or your children, please remember that we’re here.







Things to do in Knoxville, Tennessee


Knoxville, Tennessee has a wide variety of places to go, things to see and do. 


  1. Visit the University of Tennessee


Famous for its football and botanical gardens, the University of Tennessee is usually high up on people’s list of places to visit when in the area… especially in the Fall!


  1. Visit Market Square


Market Square is an energetic spot with lots of shops, bars and restaurants. It’s a great place to eat, drink and shop.


  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park


This National Park is the most visited in the US. It has over 11 million visitors per year to see some of its beautiful landmarks such as Cades Cove, Clingman’s Dome and Laurel Falls.


  1. Consider a lake cabin


This area is nearby Douglas Lake and Cherokee Lake which are both great for day trips. If you fancy an overnight trip to the lakes, you can rent lake cabins to extend your stay.


If you’re in the area of Knoxville, Tennessee and need to make some time to deal with your mental health, we’d love to help you get to the root of your problems. We offer couples counseling and marriage counseling to name a few types of therapy, and you should get in touch to book a session and speak to one of our friendly team.

Nearby Knoxville, Tennessee hotels

If you’re traveling through the area for work, or are on holiday, we often get passers-by stop in for counseling. We’re passionate about what we do and would love to be a part of your journey, no matter what your story.

Here are some of our top pick hotels for Knoxville, Tennessee: 


Nearby Knoxville, Tennessee hotels


Nearby Knoxville, Tennessee restaurants

Choosing to stay overnight may save you some time/travel, but you’ll probably need somewhere to eat. Here are some nearby restaurants recommended by us.



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Within Holistic Counselling Reviews


“Celeste is fantastic! I've been seeing her for 2 1/2 years and it has truly made a big difference in my life and my relationships!


I really appreciate that she is flexible in her approach to therapy and willing to meet you where you are. She listens very well and feels very "present" in each session and also provides helpful insight and valuable suggestions about how to apply that advice, if desired. 


I would definitely recommend Celeste!”


Read more reviews from real clients here.

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