Testimonials From Clients


“ How to write a testimonial?  Never done it before…As Celeste would encourage me to do, let me take a moment to check in with my body, take a deep breath, and ask it what am I grateful for over the past 2 and a half years of continued therapy with Celeste Ballard. Sometimes I go into a session guarded and not sure there’s anything to uncover.  When there is not a crises or big issues to tackle, something riding just under the surface bubbles up.  A pattern emerges or an aspect I haven’t looked at has the breathing room to be seen.  The sound-bite: She has helped me to grow up and grow in.


I came into therapy with no goals, just a desperate need for relief from suffering.  Since starting with Celeste, I am so grateful to have:

  • Explored the messages of physical and emotional pain

  • Allowed another person really seeing me in that pain

  • Reconnected with my inner child

  • Addressed buried wounds from childhood and facing my parents mindfully

  • Listened to messages that my mind wanted to write off as silly or inconsequential

  • Kicked the couch, cried, and laughed!

  • Had counsel for transitions: relationship shifts, job changes, spiritual inquiries

  • Been encouraged to take care of myself, not relying on friends, family or a romantic partner man to provide my support.


Celeste’s own inner work and commitment to her path is evident with her ability to witness my struggles.  She offers up examples from her own life that show me just how much she has gone through the hard work of living more mindfully and consciously.  I’m always impressed at how she picks up on the subtle ways I retreat or become defensive or avoid looking at an issue.  She coaxes me out hiding by being straightforward, honest, sensitive, insightful, humorous, and always compassionate in her engagement with me.

There was a time when I thought I’d be finished with this work, wrap it up nice and neatly, but I’m understanding that taking care of myself with therapeutic care is just as important to my well being as taking vitamins, eating well, going to get a medical check up or exercising.”

" Caveat-  I don't normally review this sort of thing.  And I'm only been through three sessions.  But those three sessions were intense, probing and helped me realize a lot about my past that I had never considered before.  I feel like I'm on the right track and look forward to subsequent visits.

I've been through a couple years of CBT and Celeste's approach is the polar opposite.  You won't be peering over some behemoth oak desk at a psychologist who is all about sweater vests and his investment portfolio.  And you won't just be talking; Celeste incorporates a lot of Mindfulness techniques to help blow past all the crap your brain likes to toss around (if your mind is always moving like mine, anyway) to get to the juicy center of your problems so you can heal.  It's not easy; there were many times when I felt uncomfortable facing aspects of my past that I never knew were problems.  But I always felt stronger and more grounded after.

Only time will tell how much better I get with Celeste's help, but I can tell that I'm more optimistic than I have been in a long while.  And that's a Big Deal!”

" Celeste is caring and capable. She takes time to truly listen without prejudice. She is trustworthy and an excellent counselor. Her professionalism was truly appreciated. She sets good boundaries with clients and is respectful and supportive."

“ Celeste holds the rare balance of directness and compassion in her work as a therapist. Her commitment to her own growth gives her the ability to do deep healing work with others. She also holds the balance of being a great business woman who knows how to market herself well and professionally. She was well connected in Atlanta and seemed to keep a full client load. She was the primary person I referred to when she was in Atlanta.  Chicago is lucky to get her!”

" I've known Celeste for several years now and was impressed from day one with her warmth, kindness, compassion and insight.  She is caring, perceptive and engaged as a therapist. Celeste has a truly holistic approach to therapy, combining traditional talk therapy with mindfulness and a body-focused approach.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

" I reached out to Celeste when I was feeling really out of sorts with whom I was and who I wanted to become.  Her approach to therapy, with a focus on the mind-body connection, has helped me feel and understand my emotions.  Celeste's honesty and warmth has pushed me to look at behavioral patterns that, for years, I have been uncomfortably comfortable in.  Her own personal experiences have validated mine and given me the strength to make changes in my life.   I look forward to my time spent with Celeste."

" I very rarely write reviews but want to pay forward the huge favor my friends gave me years ago in recommending Celeste Ballard. Two different friends recommended Celeste and, though I felt very reluctant to try therapy again at the time, I am eternally grateful that I did. I had had very limited experience with going to therapy prior to that and had found the two therapists I tried were not very insightful or helpful. Seeing Celeste was a completely different experience. Her warmth, honesty and insight came through right away. She did an amazing job, guiding me and giving me exactly what I needed from week to week.  

When I think about the life I could be living -- still trudging through each day carrying old burdens and hurts -- I am filled with gratitude that I made the decision to seek therapy. More than that, I am grateful to have found a therapist as skilled and compassionate as Celeste. It made all the difference in the world."

" I have known Celeste for six years and have always been impressed with her positive attitude and open mindedness. She has always been very professional, caring, and friendly. She demonstrates a great deal of empathy and compassion for people.  She has excellent communication skills and is easy to talk to."

" Two of my friends recommended Celeste as an outstanding counselor, and I can vouch that she is compassionate and insightful.  I have seen how working with her can produce dramatic changes for the better in your life."

" Celeste Ballard is kind, insightful and above all perceptive; she has been an incredibly positive influence in my life in the ten months I've been seeing her. Her way of sharing stories about her own life and having actual conversations with me (no, "ahh, I see"s or "and how do you FEEL about that?’s) made me instantly comfortable.

Celeste practices a very different kind of therapy than I've encountered elsewhere, and I believe that anyone going into sessions with her with an open mind will see steady positive progress in their lives. I count myself lucky to have found her."


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