• Celeste Ballard, LCPC, LMT

Time to Meetup!

Please come join us for 2 new meetups this month. Meet new people, meditate, and get to know yourself more.

Finding out what you really want and making it happen – Psychology, Spirituality, & Meditation

September 12th from 4-5:30 at Blue Lotus Temple

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Many of us spend our lives making decisions based on old thoughts and patterns which leave us feeling stuck in a rut. How do you know what you really want? How do you know what is a good direction to go in? How do you have the courage to leap into a new pattern or way of life?

In this class we will look at the psychology that keeps us stuck and stops us from feeling happy with our lives. We will get a fundamental understanding on how spirituality can play a role to quicken the process of our growth and change. We will also learn techniques to mindfully listen, in a new way, to what we are wanting and needing while learning to block out negative voices and ways of thinking. Celeste Ballard, LCPC, LMT is a local Woodstock counselor who combines the best of Cognitive Therapies with Mindfulness and Body-Centered Therapies to create more happiness and peace in one’s life. She is the owner of The Chicago Center for Holistic Counseling and has 3 years of clinical training in Buddhist based psychology. She works with the philosophy that events impact us physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. She has been a Therapist for 20 years and has had a meditation practice for over 14 years. See:

An Hour of Mindfulness: Healing Anxiety

September 26th from 4-5 at Ganesha Yoga Studio

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Has your anxiety ever held you back from obtaining the intimate relationships that you crave or impinged on your ability to speak your truth to your boss or a co-worker or an intimidating family member? Does your anxiety cause your mind to go blank in stressful situations or when it is time to make an important decision? Come with us on this mindful journey and take a look at scientific explanations for these occurrences and experience guided meditative techniques proven to reduce these anxiety provoked barriers causing you to not live to your fullest potential.

This informative and meditative MeetUp will be run by Kristen Francis, MSW, LSW, a licensed social worker with Chicago Holistic Counseling who believes in daily mindfulness because of the changes it has brought to her own life. She believes that with the proper practice and the continued education of mind-body connections, everyone can be healthy and happy and live the life they always wanted. She currently provides mindfulness based psychotherapy in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago.


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