• Celeste Ballard, LCPC, LMT

Foundations for a Happier Life: Stress and Anxiety

This class will teach you the foundations of how to deal with stress and anxiety through a holistic psychological approach that combines mindfulness and visualization. This is not a class on relaxation alone, but will go deeper into understanding what the root causes are that perpetuate continual stress and what to do about them. Psychology alone has had limitations to its efficacy, because understanding something cognitively is only the first step of growth. The body physically stores reactions to experiences that need to be taken care of directly in order to let them go. This combination will allow you to choose a new way of being that diminishes negative thoughts and patterns that you have been unconsciously living out. This class will be one in a series of classes that will cover a variety of topics, such as, learning to relax, facing difficult feelings, deepening your spiritual connection, healing from anxiety, preventing depression, healing the body, listening inside, creating more love, and more to come. "Allowing yourself to love yourself has surprising consequences. It helps you become free, break down psychological walls, be fearless, and be strong. It is only after you love yourself that you can begin to heal." Larry Moen Classes will be led by Katherine Stevens of Within Holistic Counseling who works closely with clients of all ages, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of how life events have affected them. Katherine genuinely acknowledges clients' feelings in a compassionate and accepting setting. By using a holistic approach, she examines the body, mind, spirit, and emotions for optimal healing. She guides her clients to self-acceptance and serenity by blending successful psychological techniques and the practice of mindfulness, empowering them with practical tools inspiring them to be the leaders of their own lives.

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