• Celeste Ballard, LCPC, LMT

Hiring a Holistic Counselor

Looking for a licensed or Masters level counselor to build a private practice in the evening and weekend hours to start. The position can expand to a full time practice with daytime hours available as well. The job will involve teaching and training via workshops, marketing yourself, billing, and supervision. The practice is clinical, but also experiential, as we learn best by working on ourselves. Candidate, must be willing to look at themselves as they are an active part of the counseling relationship. This person will need to have some understanding or want to learn about mindfulness meditation and have a passion for counseling. This person will love working on their own self growth and has participated in therapy as a client for a couple of years and have an understanding of how family dynamics shape people's relationships and mental health. This person will be very motivated to build their practice and enjoys learning through supervision.

Please send a cover letter that will give a better feel for your personality, one that is not so formal, but more about you. An example of topics you could choose from are; what is important to you, what you care about in this career, what you do to help yourself grow, how you feel about supervision, how you feel spirituality fits in to counseling, your experience with meditation, areas that you would like to grow, and what your goals are. Feel free to add anything personal that is in your comfort zone.

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