• Celeste Ballard, LCPC, CMT

Meditation for Professionals: Overcome Blocks, Solve Problems, Attain Goals

This workshop is for adult professionals who are looking to overcome internal blocks in attaining a personal or professional goal. Goals can be behavioral (quit smoking, spend more time with kids, be more focused at work, manage stress), they can be professional (get a promotion, form better team alliances, find a new job, execute a new project, start a business), or they can be more interior (experience more gratitude, be a better friend, connect with spirit, learn patience). Through guided meditation, group process, and professional coaching, this transformative evening will tap into participants’ internal power to change, helping them push past their resistance toward a new sense of confidence in reaching objectives. Stephen Porter is a psychodynamic counselor with a solutions-focused approach to helping people both discover who they are, and become who they want to be. With a background in film and theater, a successful 8-year career in corporate recruiting, and a 10-year daily meditation practice, Stephen helps clients with questions of meaning and purpose, and assists in implementing good self-care habits in body, mind, and soul. Stephen is a counseling intern at Within Holistic Counseling in Woodstock and South Barrington.

When: March 23rd from 4:30-6:30

Where: Blue Lotus Temple 221 Dean St, Woodstock

Cost: $30


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