• Celeste Ballard, LCPC, CMT

Overcoming Social Anxiety & Fear of Relating: Mindfulness, Psychology, and Improv

Many of us have fears of socializing, being in groups, or learning to be close to others. Most of us either avoid this relating all together or we push through and miss a chance to be ourselves. This workshop will help you learn where this fear generated from, how to relax when you are anxious, and will help you practice in a safe and fun environment. Through the worlds of improv, psychology, and meditation, you will have the opportunity to feel stronger in yourself and more connected to others. If you are afraid, come anyway! Remember that you will be in a room off people who also have the same fear. Celeste Ballard, LCPC, CMT is a local Woodstock counselor who combines the best of traditional psychology with mindfulness based and body-centered therapies to create more happiness and peace in one’s life. She is the owner of Within Holistic Counseling and has 3 years of clinical training in Buddhist based psychology and 15 years of training in spiritual psychology. She works with the philosophy that events impact us physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. She has been a Therapist for 25 years and has had a meditation practice for over 15 years. Stephen Porter is a psychodynamic counseling intern with a solutions-focused approach to helping people both discover who they are, and become who they want to be. With a background in film and theater, a successful 8-year career in corporate recruiting, and a 10-year daily meditation practice, Stephen helps clients with questions of meaning and purpose, and assists in implementing good self-care habits in body, mind, and soul.

When: April 13th from 4-6

Where: Blue Lotus Temple 221 W Dean St, Woodstock

Cost: $20


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