• Suzie Newman

Grounding Objects - Art, Psychology, & Meditation

Grounding Objects Sat. June 8th 1:00-3:00 at Grounded Wellness Center, Hoffman Estates, IL Workshop is $40.00 Grounding objects are objects that are typically distinguished by their smell, shape, weight, sound, or texture. They are any object that comforts an individual and helps them to remember that they are in the present moment. Often grounding objects are more successful when they are created with intention and purpose. This workshop will give you the opportunity to try out making three different types of objects. The lavender sachet is distinguished by its smell, soft texture, and light weight. The painted rock is distinguished by its weight, smooth texture, and its uniquely painted image. The mantra card is distinguished by its small size and individualized mantra statement. The workshop will conclude with group sharing, giving you the opportunity to consider what you noticed and liked about each object. An ending meditation will allow you to try using your object for grounding and increased mindfulness. You will walk away with as many of each object as you’d like to create!

Suzie Newman​ has seven years of training experience as an art therapist and counselor. She uses a variety of traditional and alternative evidence-based therapy techniques, including art therapy, to address issues of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, chronic pain, eating disorders, sexuality, spirituality and relationship issues. Mindfulness, creativity, and trust are central to her work in helping clients find balance and peace within themselves.

For those interested in art therapy, the use of creativity, mindfulness, and or/meditation in session can help individuals identify blocks and restore flow. Suzie will help you to be in touch with your body, at peace with your mind, and connected to others and the world around you. Each session will be uniquely tailored to your needs.


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