• Emma Petersen

How Does Childhood Impact You Now

Who did you want to be as a child? Did you want to be a teacher, maybe a doctor, or perhaps a writer? What were your greatest fears as a child? Did you hate the dark, maybe scary movies, or perhaps getting yelled at?

Try remembering your favorite and least favorite memory with your mom, and with your dad. Try remembering your closest friend, maybe your favorite and least favorite teacher throughout your school-aged years.

Take a moment to reflect on these questions and prompts... attempt to connect with who you once were, attempt to connect to the child within you.

Often, the correlation between childhood and adulthood goes unrecognized. However, the way we perceived circumstances, adapted to situations, and coped with difficulties as children significantly determines our perceptions, adaptations, and coping mechanisms as adults.

Take time today to remember who you were as a child. Explore how significantly your upbringing has influenced who you are today. Your inner child deserves your attention and time. Tell your inner child that you’re here NOW. You’re living proof that you made it through the hard times... the times when no one believed in your “crazy” dreams or “stupid” fears.

Emma Petersen is a clinical psychotherapist at Within Holistic Counseling in Woodstock, IL. She specializes in depression, bereavement, and grief. Her passion is helping others during the most distressing and vulnerable moments in life.

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