• Celeste Ballard

Telehealth Counseling Sessions Available

We are happy to offer Telehealth counseling services to keep our community connected, so that we can help with the stresses that come in this difficult time. We also want to keep accessible help for those that don't want to lose momentum on their journey to feeling more peaceful and healthy. We have individual sessions and group therapy going online as well. We have been using this platform for years and once you start, you won't think about not being in person. Telehealth research has shown it to be a very effective way to connect and provide services. Besides, when you are learning to meditate, your eyes are closed anyway!

Most insurances are expanding their coverage, so we are happy to help you look into your plan.

When you are in your usual routines, you can keep at bay your feelings and negative patterns more easily, but in changing times, those things can come up and make things harder. You can learn to face those things with support and new tools. If you take care of yourself well, the better chance you have at being the source for helping those around you and the ones that you love.

What you can do now is to start the meditation practice that you have been putting off! Use guided meditations and practice paying attention and going deeper. It takes effort and practice, but it is well worth it as studies show that it helps your brain to slow down the reactions that create ongoing fear. You are doing it right even if you can't slow your brain down. With time, you will have a greater ability to focus and you will learn to not pay so much attention to it to the random thoughts.

Be well, be caring to yourself and others right now.


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