Services  for  Men

There is a significant cultural shift happening in our American landscape. The experiences, traditions, and relationships that guided previous generations are increasingly becoming less relevant in the face of change. This is particularly salient for men, whose roles, whether it be as a son, husband, father or employee, have become more complex than ever before. In order to achieve success in these areas, our culture demands a high-level of self- reflection and a sensitivity toward interpersonal relationship. Unfortunately, many men have never received adequate support and guidance in how to navigate the tides of emotional, spiritual, and relational experiences.

Whether you’re a new father exploring how to connect with your child, a son who is grieving the loss of his parent, a recent graduate looking to start a career, or a husband who wants to better understand his partner, We recognize the unique opportunity and importance of providing counseling services to men of all ages and backgrounds.

By approaching therapy with a holistic lens, our clinicians are trained in using methods that encompass the body, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal work needed for growth. With sensitivity and an understanding that therapy is not a familiar to process to everyone, we provide a safe and guided environment for men to rediscover their values, path, and ultimately give shape to their life story.

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