“How do you show yourself love?”

May 8, 2019


Typically, people respond with indulgence; I order that dessert (even though I am full) because I’ve had along week and deserve it. Or, I am buying that expensive outfit because no one else spoils me. Unfortunately, those means of self-compassion result in emptiness. Our egos will always crave the next,

biggest thing. Instead, we should explore our basic desires and motives. What are we really craving as human beings? Ultimately, it is showing our love and passion to other people, as well as having the ability to connect to them deeply.


So, instead of over-indulging, we should take the time to bond with others, and show them the basic goodness in us. Take this week to remember your basic goodness and continuous desire to connect to other people. Give your passion and corresponding talents to a world that so intensely needs it.


Emma Petersen is a psychotherapist specializing in depression, bereavement, and grief. Her passion is helping others during the most distressing and vulnerable moments in life.


Emma helps others see hope and potential instead of despair and closed doors, and has an uncanny way of shedding light on the most challenging situations. 


She is most recognized for her ability to help others repair and amend broken and strained relationships in an effort to encourage personal growth and emotional peace. She primarily incorporates a combination of evidence-based and mindfulness techniques into session. 


Contact Emma:

Via email: Emma@withinholisticcounseling.com

Via phone: 630-943-8904

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